Independent Valuations

Which Building Survey?Independent Valuations are commissioned from qualified Chartered Surveyors for a number of reasons. Sellers of property may wish to know an accurate market value of their home, buyers often want to check the price they are paying is reasonable and formal valuations are often required in law for matters such as probate or matrimonial proceedings.

HomeBuyers SurveyMost valuations involve the use of comparables, ie. properties in the locality of a similiar ilk, and in-depth analysis - combined with expert knowledge of the local market - to arrive at a figure that represents the amount the property should exchange for on the date of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm's length transaction (ie. where the two parties are unrelated, without common interests).

Whereas Estate Agents can provide an indication of value based on their knowledge of the market, this is not an in depth analysis, nor is it an independent viewpoint. All Estate Agents are commissioned to sell property, and this is often reflected in their valuations.

Anyone requiring an accurate estimation of value, for commercial or residential property or land, should contact a Chartered Surveyor directly.

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