House Purchase Survey Report

Which Building Survey?The House Purchase Survey takes parts of the old Homebuyers Survey (now discontinued and updated) and Valuation Report and updates it with some features from the Building Survey. In doing so, it provides an excellent 'middle ground' and the most suitable survey for most property purchasers.

The report is designed to assist a buyer of a residential property to make a reasoned and informed judgment on whether to proceed with a purchase. Its purpose is to report not just on matters that affect the property's value, like the Homebuyer's Survey, but also on defects that affect the internal living environment and on maintenance considerations. It is a surface examination rather than "invasive" i.e. the surveyor does not lift floorboards or similar.

House Purchase SurveyThe survey includes as standard digital photographs to better show you certain defects and, where appropriate, exploded diagrams to help you understand how the parts of the building fit together. The subheadings covered mirror the Full Building Survey (including matters like structural movement, ventilation, damp, timber joinery etc.) and the main difference between the two lies in the level of detail.

A House Purchase Survey is suitable for almost all types of property, residential or commercial. Where the property is extremely old or complex, or where extensive renovations or extensions are planned, a Full Building Survey may be more appropriate.

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